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Whether you are visiting from out of town or a local for looking for a change of scenery, West Indy has your back.

Visitors coming in with their own programming will find a fully stocked powerlifting/Weightlifting gym packed with all the torturous toys you need to get strong! Feel free to come in and do your own thing.

Locals or visitors looking to improve form on any major movement (Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk, Snatch) may drop into open coaching for an assessment and talk about accessory movements that will improve your strength in weak areas. Expect to lift for 45-90mins.



24/7 access

No coaching needed?? No Problem, come in and train how you want when you want!


No matter your experience level monthly team members will gain access to West Indy Barbell programming powered by train heroic.

Schedule an assessment with one of our coaches and get paired with the perfect program for you!

Monthly members may choose to attend open coaching where they will arrive when their schedule permits (find a rack/platform). It's common for athletes to come in on different days of the same program or a different program.

Open Coaching hours:

Mon-Fri   11a-1p   4p-8p

Sat. 10a-2p


Monthly members also have 24/7 access to the gym 


Keep an eye out for tips from your coach. Coach Instructions are great for getting tips and guidance before your workout begins

Get your body prepared for your session with WIB's warm ups.

Speed up your workout with Train Heroic taking care of the math for you!

Individual Programming

***Includes 1 One-on-One scheduled session per week***

Get more time with a coach to help you reach your goals faster!

Custom programming that grows as you grow!

Access to open gym

24/7 access to the gym



Open Coaching hours

Mon-Fri   11a-1p   4p-8p

Sat. 10a-2p



Personal Training 

Need to held accountable to reach your goal? Schedule a personal training session with one of our coaches to make sure you don't miss a beat in your training. Good for beginners and advanced fitness lovers that need to be pushed.


Youth Lifting 

8-18yrs old

Build Confidence

Learn to lift safely with experienced Coaches

Learn correct technique for, squat, bench press, deadlift, Clean and Jerk, Snatch.

Individual Programming
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