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The West Indy Barbell Total Fitness Program

We all join a gym for many reasons, but the main reason is to create a healthier you.  That might mean putting on more muscle mass, trimming up those flabby sections of our body, maybe losing some extra weight that you put on over the years.  It all comes down to dedication and maintaining a routine that keeps our bodies moving and fueled with the right combinations of food.  West Indy Barbell is excited to be able to offer you access to a certified nutritionist and new tools to guide you to a leaner, meaner, dedicated gym member.

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Kaitlyn Wong RDN, LD, RYT

Kaitlyn is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 10 years combined experience in  clinical outpatient nutrition counseling, graduate medical education, corporate wellness, and private practice. As a registered dietitian she is licensed to provide medical nutrition therapy and is passionate about evidenced-based care. She also currently serves as the team dietitian for University of Indianapolis Athletics covering all sports. She received her degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Cincinnati and completed supervised practice experience in the greater Cincinnati area. Outside of practicing as a RDN, Kaitlyn also teaches hot power yoga and pilates. You can see her on FOX 59’s IndyNow, every other Wednesday at 10-11 am for her regular nutrition education segment. Feel free to say “hi” when you see her in the gym as she’s also a member of West Indy’s Powerlifting team!  Check out Kaitlyn's website at

The InBody 270

We just purchased an InBody 270 body composition analyzer.



Good question, you ever step on the scale and feel like you aren't reaching your fitness goals?  That number you see is not a true measure of what makes you, you.


The InBody 270 can tell tell you what that number actually means, by measuring your fat, muscle, and water composition without a pinch or submersion in a water tank.


It's QUICK, EASY, and gives you an Easy-to-Read print out of your results!

Not a member of West Indy Barbell?

No problem! 

For nonmembers for $30 we will have one of our trainers help get the measurements you need to keep progressing in your gym experience.


If you are a Member it is just $5



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