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On a Run


Sports Performance



To be a playmaker, to be first to the finish line, you need many skills, but the most basic skill is SPEED!  You need to be the first to the action, the fastest down the track, and all that starts here!


At West Indy Speed we pride ourselves on not just using the most sophisticated and science-designed techniques to increase speed, but work with each athlete (FROM DAY 1) to diagnose your mechanics and help you break the habits or bad advice you have received about how you move on the field or at the track.  Our trainers will analyze your form and help you make each step more productive.


Be Stronger and Better Conditioned 


West Indy Speed has understood for many years that a stronger athlete means a better conditioned athlete, that can endure longer time on the playing field, and decrease the chances of injury. 


After an assessment of your lifting techniques, how you run from point A to point B, we will develop a plan for you.  We will design a program specific in strength for you based on the sport that you enjoy. We will analyze your first step, your stride, and your form. Stronger athletes equals better conditioning and improved performance! 


Be Injury Free All Season


The trainers at West Indy Barbell are educated in biomechanics and injury prevention. With the help of Tao of Inertia therapy your athlete will not only be stronger and faster but also gain a better sense of injury prevention techniques, as well as, recovery methods. Injuries happen but getting back to your sport is our top goal. 

Prices: (card-on-file required)


-$250/month   - 2 times per week

-$350/month   - unlimited training


-24 hour access

-No Cancellation Fees  

-No contracts  

Contact us Today to Find Out How We Can Make You Faster! 

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