Sports Performance



 West Indy Barbell is designed to be a specific training program for the most important part of athletic performance: SPEED! Working with our experienced coaches and state of the art facility we are able to take athletes to the next level of on-field play. West Indy Speed will evaluate your athlete's movement and strength on day one to help design a program that will make you stronger and 





West Indy Speed has teamed up with West Indy Barbell to help our athletes build a program that makes them stronger and faster. West Indy Barbell has some of the strongest lifters in Indianapolis who have set numerous state and national records. Together we will design a program specific in strength for you or your athlete. Stronger athletes equals better conditioning and improved performance! 



The trainers at West Indy Barbell are educated in biomechanics and injury prevention. With the help of Tao of Inertia therapy your athlete will not only be stronger and faster but also gain a better sense of injury prevention techniques, as well as, recovery methods. Injuries happen but getting back to your sport is our top goal. 


AN ASSESSMENT IS REQUIRED BEFORE JOINING THE PROGRAM. West Indy Barbell is looking for athletes that are looking to get better year in and year out. All are welcome to try it out but after an assessment we will determine if they are ready for the program. We want to make sure the athlete and parent are making the best decision with their time and money.  




$250/ month- 2 times per week training 

$350/month- unlimited training  


Drop Ins: 


West Indy Barbell has a state of the art facility and equipment that people come to train at from all over the country and ALL are welcome. In town and need a quick lift? Want to try equipment at atmosphere that is unlike others? Come do a drop in!  



$15- day pass 

$30- week pass 




10am-7pm Weekdays 

10am-2pm Saturdays