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Drop Ins Welcome!

Just flew into town on the red-eye from Cucamonga?  Feeling jet-lag, drowsy from the day's long meetings and all you have to go to is the broken treadmill and a 50 year old stationary bike in the hotel "fitness room"?  Come on over to West Indy Barbell!  We offer state-of-the-art equipment, great music, and a staff of trainers to help you shake off those traveling blues!

We invite anyone and everyone that needs a day or a week pass to work out at our facility.  Family in for the holidays?  Just let us know and we can add them to your account!  The rules are simple, stop by, set up your day pass and you will be good to go.  You have to come in when the staff is present to set up your day or week pass.  If you want to bring in someone when we are not here, just stop by when we are here, get a waiver, and pay for their entrance.

Hours that are staffed:  

10am-7pm Weekdays 

10am-2pm Saturdays  



$15- day pass 

$30- week pass 


Thanks for contacting us!

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