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Basic Membership

Basic Membership

Cardio Equipment, Machines, & Free Weights for all!

Already have a coach?  Following that program you learned on your own?  West Indy Barbell offers a basic membership just for you.  Our top-of-the-line and highly specialized equipment are just the formula to get you your next PR!

Tired of waiting for that "TikTok'r" to get off the rack or the bench?  Not here, we have enough squat racks, bars, plates, machines to keep you moving and keep that sweat on.  Also, no sitting around making that next TikTok sensation video in our gym.  Remember, we are all about family where you will feel part of something greater the minute you walk in the door.  




-$65/month (card-on-file required)  




-24 hour access

-No Cancellation Fees  

-No contracts  

Contact us Today to Begin Achieving YOUR Fitness Goals! 

Thanks for contacting us!

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